Some long overdue photos of the Galway Vintage Fair at the Radisson two weeks ago, sorry bout the delay… I’m blaming the lack of an internet connection, and an impromptu adventure to london. Impromptu adventures are always the best adventures… but more on that soon.   For now, here’s some photos of an awesome day! Hope you enjoy them guys!… View Post

      Some of the shots form the first (of what will hopefully be many) shooting adventures with the fantastic Galway-based photographer Saibh Egan. I cant even begin to explain how happy I was to meet and shoot with this girl, or the amount of fun we had on that carpark roof. We even managed to persuade a passer by,… View Post

Spent the day at the Galway Vintage Fashion & Decor Fair in Thr Radisson Hotel Yesterday… I had the most amazing/exhausting time meeting wonderful people, conducting interviews and gathering information to write an article on the event. I went to it last year in The Galway Bay Hotel and was so impressed by it that I felt it was definitely… View Post

Lord knows there are enough pretty faces out there in the modeling world.   But for a model to truly to stand out industry, they have to have that certain something more.   For me personally, that means an attitude… a presence… it’s something that, even through a photograph, is tangible.   And in my eyes, Erin Wasson embodies just… View Post

I stumbled across the mesmerizing Disarming Darling on Lookbook, and after having spent an embarrassing amount of time pouring over her blog, I have been left spellbound by her off-beat style… From her nauseatingly-amazing vintage and thrift finds, to her covetable trinket style jewellery, she manages to inject a little personality into each and every outfit, having one or two… View Post