More Recent Press Features

Hello! I just thought I do a quick post updating you all on some more recent press bits and bobs, in case you’re interested!  Here are two press shots that were featured in the Advertiser… View Post

Girl Crush: Laura Whitmore

Maybe its the MTV-presenting-life-envy thats doing it for me, but I must say I have quite a soft spot for The Whitmore. Chosen from thousands of hopefuls through the “Pick Me MTV” campaign in 2008,… View Post

Outfit Post: Power Mad

Hey Guys! So I Went for the “power-hungry-business-woman” vibe for a meeting today for a meting with some creatives, to discuss a very exciting future project we’re hoping to work together on…Exciting stuff! Watch this space!… View Post

Modeling in the Movember Shoot!

Hi Guys! As promised, here are the finished shots from the Movember Shoot I was in recently. It was so much fun shooting with a group of people for a change (especially the lovely boys!)… View Post