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Winter Coats under €100: Faux Fur

I’m so happy to see that you’re all liking this year’s AW coat edit series! The next instalment in this shopping series is all about faux fur. As the weather starts to get colder over the next few weeks, I always find myself reaching for the faux fur pieces in my wardrobe, as they’re by far the warmest thing you can wear. I also love how fashionable and decadent they can look with an outfit, especially for evening wear.

Winter Coats under €100: The Cape

Im all about saving you guys time and money, so I’ve put together a little edit of my favourite coats available right now, all under €100! I know we’re in the middle of an indian summer here in Ireland, but don’t forget that the AW stock has already landed, and by the time the weather actually gets chilly, many of the best styles are sold out. So preparation is key people!