Style Diary: Hello, Spring!

Happy February first lovelies! I know the weather is still pretty wintery out there (that WIND) but I for one am so happy to kiss dreary January goodbye, and welcome the beginning of Spring. … View Post

The Wardrobe Edit Series: Ditching my Wallet

Those of you who read my ‘2016 Wardrobe Detox’ post last week will already know that this year I have decided to start building the perfect capsule wardrobe for myself, one piece at a time. I have finished clearing out all the clothes that do not work from my closet (more tips on that here) and I have set myself the task of curating a wardrobe of timeless, classic pieces that I will love forever.… View Post

Style Diary: Satin Bombers and Baseball Caps

After picking up four (yes, you heard me right) different bomber jackets over the past month and a half, it’s safe to say that they’re my new obsession, particularly the satin variety. Stylish, comfy, and oh-so warm… how did I overlook them for so long!?… View Post