So excited to share my latest Ireland AM slot with you all, it’s something a little different, and just in time for the fast-approaching holiday season! We filmed this fun hands-on packing tutorial in my bedroom recently, to share some of my tried-and-tested packing tricks… View Post

Every year we make promises to ourselves.There are the things we want to start, the things we want to stop, and the million-and-one ways we want to change ourselves for the better. So at the beginning of this year I decided to work on some other areas in my life that were getting a tad neglected. In short, I wanted to live better. … View Post

You guys know I am all about a capsule wardrobe this year, and so I sat down and made a concise list of the simple basic pieces I needed for Spring, that would work with my existing wardrobe, and I wanted to share with you the 10 Capsule Wardrobe Basics I’m buying for Spring/Summer 2016, featuring a mix of investment and budget options.… View Post

Not only is it a Friday today, (woop!) but it’s also the first of a brand new month… Hello there April! Rather than trying to trick you by making up some elaborate April-Fools news today, I’ll make this post an honest one.… View Post

Adopting a fitness routine has been a challenge, but there’s a few things I’ve found have been helping me along the way, and I wanted to share them with you here. Read on for my 5 Tips for Beginners starting a Fitness Routine:… View Post