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Loving Lately #2


So I have to say, I’m really enjoying this new Loving Lately series! It’s the perfect way to keep you guys updated on all the things I’m digging right now, plus any news and updates I may have. So, lets get into all the things I’m living, loving, and lusting after this past week… Read more…

Style Diary: Double Denim


This Sunday I spent a wonderful day with fellow fashion fiends Leanne, Sarah and Holly shooting looks, making plans, and enjoying the Spring sunshine. It really was one of those perfect Spring days, and it’s got me even more excited for Summertime, if that’s humanly possible… Read more…

Loving Lately #1


Have you seen any of the “Friday Favourites” roundup posts floating about on the blogosphere recently? I always thought they were such a fun and simple way to keep readers updated on all the things you’re living, loving and lusting after, so I decided to start my own, and call it, “Loving Lately.” Read more…

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