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AW Coat Edit: The Cape

Let’s talk about the cape. For such a simple piece, a cape earns you infinite chic points, and they’re also big news for this season too…

AW Coat Edit: Leopard Print

As I mentioned earlier this week, I was really excited to start into a fresh AW Trend Report series for the season ahead, seen as I enjoyed putting together last years features so much, and you guys seemed to really like them, too!

AW Trend Report: Ankle Boots

Every Autumn I always invest in a good pair of ankle boots. I save my pennies and spend roughly €100 on a good quality pair, and knowing that I will be stomping around in them for the next 4/5 months makes the decision-process all the more important…

August Wishlist

After showing you some of the pieces I have recently bought for Autumn in my last Shop Spotlight post, I think it’s time to share with you my August Wishlist, that is, the pieces that I haven’t bought yet, but am dying to!