In case none of you knew it yet, I’m a summer baby! My birthday falls on July 7th (mark those calendars, people!) and as per usual I like to share my own little wish-list here on the blog. … View Post

Jewellery layering is a trend that’s been around for ages, but it’s really peaked this Spring-Summer, with the likes of Gigi, Kendal, Kylie & co sporting the look all over our Insta-feeds. It’s actually a really simple trend to work into your wardrobe for summertime, and I wanted to break it down and share it with you here on the blog.… View Post

  So by now you’ve probably seen my fashion roundup post, but as promised here is my full travel guide, from my recent trip to Istria, Croatia. Myself and my friend Kelly were invited to visit by the Croatian Tourism… View Post

So I’m back from my short trip to Istria with the Croatian tourism board, and sitting here at my desk with the rain pouring down outside and yep, the withdrawals are definitely starting to kick in, haha! After any trip away I like to do a little round-up of the outfits I wore here on the blog, and with the holiday season just kicking off, I’ve also included five easy fashion tips you can use for your next holiday! … View Post